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JHA Payment Processing Solutions (PPS) offers a wide range of payment solutions to financial institutions nationwide.

Credit & debit signature processing

PIN-based processing & ATM services

Extra Awards®

Fraud management

What our customers say

"The trainer was fabulous while she was here for the ATM conversion. She was so patient with us. She knew her stuff and I was very impressed with how smooth and easy she made it all seem! Once again, I must say that Payment Processing Solutions ROCKS!"
Eastern Utah Community Credit Union

"The team who worked with us on our conversion was absolutely wonderful. They not only know the product, they were very patient with us through the entire process, followed up continuously, and the onsite training was done with ease. I don't think we were just so very lucky to get the four greatest employees at Payment Processing Solutions. I have to assume their commitment and professionalism is indicative of the culture of your company."
Xplore Federal Credit Union



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Our clients enjoy highly flexible card and BIN level authorization restrictions for maximum security. Ask us for more information.

PPS maintains strong working relationships with all major data processors.


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Interested in text alert messages, EMV cards, or Apple Pay™ processing? Ask us for details.



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